Interactive Media II Blog 6

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QBOT is a rewards app for local businesses on the app. You get access to offers on food, services and products. I use this app the most on school grounds – the Student Union Building. I like the rewards feature on this app but the user experience is poorly made. When I want to “cash in” a rewards, it says to push on the accept button (for whoever is working at the register) but it doesn’t go away once you push accept or go. Also, there are 6 “punches” for the number of times you visit the business. The more you visit, the better the deal is – which makes sense. And after you use the deal, you go back to the zero punches. Another pro is when you scan the code through your camera, it accepts it very fast. The loading process is also never delayed.

Sitting is such a simple interaction between you and a chair. I found a design invention on Design Boom called Lullock. It’s a chair that moves with you. It an unique cushioning system that is composed of an arched grame with fabric upholstery and sponge like flowers made of foam and felt. Lullock was designed by students from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. I though their idea was quite genius and cool! I thought it was interesting how it is designed to respond to the movement of the user. The arched base rolls as users transition from one position to another. I believe the green “flowers” create a comfier environment for the person sitting so they are comfortably nestled inside the chair.
Here is a link to the article as well as the video demo!
Lullock Video and Article

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