Information Design Post 2 ☕️✋

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.41.09 AM

Coffee In America

The summary (in one sentence) for this infographic was “…talks about money spent on coffee in the US”. There are no labels, keys or other text that explains the information that the designer wants us to know. I thought it was simple, clean and easy to understand. The darker stains probably suggests “spent more money” on coffee and the lighter stains “spent less money” on coffee. Some states are clearly outlined but others are harder to detect. There is a story to this infographic and as the audience, I knew what designer was trying to tell after I read the information given. I wasn’t sure if this was on purpose but even the coffee mug is placed in the Pacific North West. It feels like that is the source of the coffee. Something that I would like to change about this visual is making the mug realistic. The coffee spill is created but the splatter on the right side suggests that there was real movement and action. A real mug photoshopped would really make this a stronger visual.


For my environmental example, this is a drawing of pressure points on your hand that help with body/health issues (period cramps, nausea, constipation, stop smoking urges). I’m not sure if the information is accurate but I do know that Eastern heavily relies on herbs and natural medication (acupuncture and other mind-body healing). I found this diagram taped onto my friend’s grandparents cabinet. I think his grandmother copied from a pamphlet or had a doctor draw out the points and labeled it for her. This type of information is very different from what we see in the US. All information is communicated differently and this is a good example of one.


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