Information Design Post 3 📝📈

At some point on the internet, we have all taken a survey. And I have come across a survey that will definitely interest you. It’s called 16 Personalities, yes it’s one of those personality tests that we have all seen but I assure you that the information that they provide you helps you better understand of others and hopefully yourself. If you don’t believe in the study, you can skip on to something else but I can attest that 80% of the results is spot on! But remember, the results are just “indicators and tendencies, not a definitive guidelines or answers”. You can read more about their theory on the website Our Theory. Or you can visit their main page 16 Personalities and take the test yourself for free!

Here are my results 😊

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 2.47.30 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-31 at 2.48.32 PM


You can also read a more detailed description of your personality type and if you’re curious, you can read other profiles. I thought that this was a great example of information design. It collects your answers and graphically divides it into 5 personality aspects, mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity.  The layout of the questionnaire and results are easy to understand and there is a read more link if there is any confusion for the user. I also enjoyed the overall the style and illustrations but I wish that it could have incorporated more race (or make all the people unidentifiable of race).


I found a lego instruction pamphlet in my younger brother’s room. This reminded me of Nigel Holmes information graphics in the interview we read last week. The instructions on building this airplane ✈ looks simple and to the point. Each step is enlarged and takes about half of each page so that you can see the details of each piece (limits confusion) and the end of the pamphlet, there is an inventory of all the pieces that make up the final airplane ✈ model. The instructions is appropriate for the age group and the designer of this definitely understood their targeted audience.




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