🔫 Art 4209 Politics and Guns 🇺🇸

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After listening to Rob Bell’s podcasts on politics, it left me in a familiar mood.


Yes, it felt like and sounded like a sermon on a Sunday. He touched on a sensitive topic and if not addressed appropriately, it can definitely rub people the wrong way. It almost felt like I was an atheist or started off curious about politics and stumbled upon a “church” that can hopefully help me get a better picture of what politics is. I hear so many things but I don’t know exactly what it is. Rob wanted to express and did not fail to engrain the words that politics is a good word. He wanted to show a different perspective on politics and definitely shed more knowledge on the origin of politics. I found that most helpful. I’ve only associated politics in a negative way and Bell made me more open to the actual systems of politics. It’s actually for the common good but when people start to abuse it, that’s when politics can get nasty.

I also appreciated Bell breaking down to the simplest idea or situation when politics is needed. I honestly stay away from anything related to politics because I generally don’t have any knowledge on it. Even though I know it’s important and it’s crucial especially in this country but it’s hard to keep up with it and it feels like everyone is fighting over candidates. But in reality, it’s not just about the candidacy. It’s much more than that. And I hope to take more interest in it in the future or at least keep up with it (there’s always two sides to a story and there’s plenty more sides to a situation but that’s only if you want to acknowledge them).

Episode 54_Politics is a Good Word

Episode 55_The Endless Tension

Episode 56_The Power of Policy



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