Design Systems Thinking Post 1

Design thinking can shape and form someone’s vision. And this can either be the designer’s or client’s vision. When people are explaining a complex idea or thought, it can be difficult to translate that in words. As Mugadza explains, “Design Thinkers have described DT as a systematic approach to problem solving that starts from considering the customers and how to create a better picture for them” (Mugadza 2015).

I also really appreciated how the article then gives other examples in history when design thinking was used. Tim Brown was being referenced in this article and he states that design thinking isn’t to prove a theory right but to further an idea to help people’s needs. Not only is the problem solved but in a much sensible way and it can then become a market opportunity once it’s successful. It’s encouraging to see that system thinking is now being acknowledged with design thinking. As designers, there’s seem to be a misunderstanding that we can’t do much other than create. We create and solve a problem by coming up with new solution but we make it accessible for the common good and make it beautiful. A complex problem that I see today is cultural awareness. We can’t assume people know your customs because everyone came from a different upbringing. Everyone is different. But these differences shouldn’t be picked and analyzed in a negative way. But should be embraced and there’s always a place and a time to talk about them. I’m not saying that it should be ignored but a way to educate people.


For this class, I am focusing on people from different backgrounds. All races, age, gender, sexuality, class, education….everyone is included. I want to visually show different examples of people and possibly have a story or a statement to narrate the emotions or thoughts that they have experienced and how that has shaped them today.

Brown, Tim, and Jocelyn Wyatt. “Design Thinking for Social Innovation.” Leland Stanford Jr. University, 2010. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.

Mugadza, Grace. “Systems Thinking and Design Thinking: Complimentary Approaches?” Systems Thinking World Journal RSS. 9 Feb. 2015. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.



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