Design Systems Thinking Post 3

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Design Kit

Human Centered Design

This link was a great resource for those who is unfamiliar with human centered design. Even if you’re not working on a project that relates to this, you should still take the time to look at it.

Not only was it inspiring but it’s something that I am personally interested in. Senior year was the first time ever working on a project that focused on human centered design. For my independent studies class, we dedicated in creating an object based learning method to create cultural awareness. We only went to the second step, ‘ideation’ but it would be a cool thing to see if the prototype is finalized.

The three ‘mindsets’ that I reviewed was creative confidence, learning from failure and embracing ambiguity. I feel like all these can applied to any work that you do. You need confidence in your creativity if you want to strive for your big ideas. And with confidence, you end up trying new things. Failure is also something that you can’t be afraid of. You can never learn if you don’t fail once. And finally, don’t avoid the unknown. Patrice Martin states it quite nicely, “We may not know what that answer is, but we know that we have to give ourselves permission to explore.”

All of this should be implemented in our minds. Not only does it help with our work but helps us become a stronger person in life. I took these as life lessons from Design Kit staff. Their philosophy on solving problems through creativity is something that they do for a living and that’s such an inspiration to the younger generation.

The ‘methods’ section was also extremely helpful. The step by step directions were easy to read and sounded doable. Hopefully, I will try to utilize these tools in helping me create the best solution for future projects.

Citation: “What Is Human-Centered Design?” Design Kit. IDEO. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.



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